HOIS JIP For NDT Best Practice In The Oil And Gas Industry
​HOIS is a joint industry project (JIP) which has been running for more than thirty years. The project is managed by ESR Technology and has more than forty project partners comprising:
  • Oil and gas producers (operators).
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) service companies.
  • NDT equipment vendors.
  • A regulatory authority (UK HSE).
The HOIS vision is to improve the effectiveness of in-service inspection for the oil and gas industry through:
  • More reliable in-service inspection – better detection of in-service degradation.
  • More accurate measurements of remaining wall thickness.
  • Providing asset owners with improved information on asset condition.
  • Reducing leaks and near misses.
HOIS achieves these objectives by:
  • Developing best practice documents for specific inspection applications including HOIS Recommended Practices, international standards. These can directly feed in to NDT service company inspection procedures.
  • Improved information on performance of current inspection techniques by means of rigorously controlled blind trials.
  • Being the leading industry forum for latest developments – highlighting what is new and what works.
  • Development of novel inspection techniques for specialised applications.