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HOIS collaboration with OGTC on trunnion inspection project

The potential failure of process pipework supported by trunnions is time dependent and, as such, with the ageing asset profile on the UK continental shelf, the risk of hydrocarbon release (HCR) associated with failure at, or within, a trunnion pipe support will only increase.

The UK HSE issued a Safety Bulletin in 2013 describing the dangers of undetected corrosion in trunnion supports, in particular in tubular trunnions fitted with an end cap, and the precautions necessary to ensure continued operation. HCRs resulting from pipework failures at trunnions have been investigated by the HSE in the past 18 months, and other instances have been reported both on and offshore. The HSE are increasingly asking duty holders to demonstrate good practice to the management of trunnions on ageing assets.

In April 2017, the HOIS joint industry project started a project which aims to develop a guidance document for the inspection of trunnion pipe supports in order to ensure their integrity. A trial programme will inform the development of this document by investigating the suitability of currently available non-destructive testing techniques to identify the presence of corrosion within trunnions and, where possible, to characterise/quantify it. The final HOIS deliverable will provide a means by which duty holders can apply a practical good practice approach to the management and inspection of trunnions.

ESR Technology is pleased to announce that it has been successful in securing OGTC support to expand the open and blind trial programme of this HOIS project. The additional funds will enlarge the HOIS trial programme and permit manufacture of further test pieces to better understand the effectiveness of existing inspection techniques and identify potential areas for improvement. We are looking forward to working productively with the OGTC on this HOIS project.

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