All HOIS deliverables are available to employees of HOIS member companies via the username and password protected HOIS members’ Website.  If you would like help to get an account set up then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

HOIS members have approved the release of several HOIS deliverables to non-members. 

Publicly available documents

A number of HOIS documents are available for sale via The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) online store.  The following documents may be purchased for between £100 and £200:

  • HOIS Recommended practice for non-intrusive inspection of pressure vessels, HOIS-RP-103, 2020
  • HOIS Guidance for UAV based external remote visual inspection (RVI), HOIS-G-005, 2018
  • HOIS Guidance for effective pipework inspection, HOIS-G-010, 2018
  • HOIS Recommended practice for the in-service inspection of wall loss in pipes by digital radiography, HOIS-RP1, 2015
  • HOIS Guidance on in-service inspection and integrity management of caissons, HOIS(13)R6, 2014
  • HOIS Recommended practice for statistical analysis of inspection data, HOIS(12)R8, 2013
  • HOIS good practice for ISI of offshore composite components, HOIS GP1, 2012
  • HOIS Recommended practice on weld corrosion inspection, HOIS RP2, 2012

Four HOIS documents, produced with support from the NZTC (formerly known as OGTC), are freely publicly available from either the BINDT online store or may be directly downloaded from this site by completing the form below:

  • HOIS/NZTC Guidance for in-situ inspection of corrosion under insulation (CUI), HOIS-G-023, 2023
  • HOIS/NZTC Guidance on inspection of uninsulated external corrosion scabs, HOIS-G-028, Issue 2, 2022
  • HOIS/OGTC Guidance for trunnion pipe support management and inspection, HOIS-G-033, 2020
  • HOIS/OGTC Guidance notes for HOIS-RP-103, HOIS-G-103, 2020

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Trunnion pipe support management and inspection
Non-intrusive examination of pressure vessels guidance notes
Guidance for CUI Inspection
Guidance document on inspection of uninsulated external corrosion scabs
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Confidential HOIS documents

Most HOIS reports and recommended practice (RPs) or guidance documents are confidential to HOIS members. For a complete list of HOIS deliverables since 2017, click here.

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