Technical programme


ESR Technology is responsible for the management of all projects. The technical programme utilises two excellent HOIS facilities:

  • “NICE” facility for ex-service specimen storage and trials. This is a large collection of mainly naturally corroded ex-service specimens for blind inspection trials. The facility also contains specially commissioned manufactured specimens with various simulated defects for use in experimental programmes and trials.
  • Two ex-service pressure vessels with significant internal degradation have been donated to HOIS and these are now located on an ESR Facility where they may be used for inspection trials.


Current HOIS projects include:

    • Development of trial-based NDT guidance documents:
      • CUI and corrosion scabs
      • Corrosion at trunnion pipe supports
      • Heat exchanger tubes
      • Inspection of composite repairs
    • Trials and technique evaluation:
      • External corrosion inspection
      • CUI inspection
      • Non-intrusive inspection of internally CRA clad vessels
      • Non-intrusive inspection at elevated temperatures
      • Information management:
        • Digitalisation in the energy industry
        • Maintenance of the HOIS internet accessible Interactive Knowledge Base (IKB) which contains a wealth of information on NDT techniques, suppliers.  Members have free access.
        • IKB for subsea inspection.


    Recently completed notable projects include:

    • Guidance on Image Quality for UAV/UAS based external remote visual inspection in the oil & gas industry
    • Human Factors guidance for manual UT and visual inspection for external corrosion
    • Guidance for effective pipework inspection
    • Guidance on inspection of corrosion under pipe supports
    • Updates to HOIS RP for in-service digital and film radiography of pipes and input into ISO 20769:2018
    • RP for precision ultrasonic wall thickness measurements for corrosion monitoring between repeat inspections
    • Guidance for in-service inspection of caissons
    • RP for weld corrosion inspection
    • RP for flange face corrosion inspection in raised face flanges
    • RP concerning the application of statistical analysis techniques to NII inspection data
    • Good practice guide on offshore composite inspection
    • Review of technologies for shallow/splash zone and deepwater inspection.



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