HOIS work showcased in Aberdeen


Steve Burch, HOIS Programme Manager, was invited to showcase recent HOIS work at the TWI Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection in the Offshore Energy Industry Seminar held in Aberdeen on 21 November.

The meeting was well supported with representatives from across industry and academia. Steve described two HOIS projects in detail: NDT methods for CUI inspection and the use of UAV for remote external visual inspection. The presentation can be viewed here. The latter project has produced publicly available guidance on image quality from visual inspection, which can be downloaded from www.hoispublications.com.

Steve was also able to highlight the publication of two significant standards for in-service radiography in November 2018: ISO 20769 (Parts 1 and 2): “Non-destructive testing – Radiographic inspection of corrosion and deposits in pipes by X- and gamma rays”. These standards supersede EN 16407:2013 (Parts 1 and 2) and are based on the findings of an extended HOIS project. These latest ISO standards incorporate recent key HOIS findings on localised internal and external wall loss. They are an excellent example of how the HOIS projects develop authoritative, trial-based guidance for good practice which are then adopted across industry.

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