Aerospace Sector

ESR Technology has been supporting the Aerospace sector with its tribological services since 1972.

By ‘Aerospace’, we mean that we can contribute to everything from orbital spacecraft, inter-planetary space missions and their launch vehicles as well as conventional aircraft and their future derivatives including high altitude pseudo-satellites (HAPS).

ESR Technology operates the European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL), created in 1972 to provide a Centre of Excellence in all aspects of friction, lubrication and wear of mechanical systems in the hostile environment of space. Since then, ESTL has made major contributions to the field of space and vacuum tribology, developing its capabilities and services over the last four and a half decades to support Europe’s major space missions. Over this time it has evolved from an R&D focussed organisation into an independent commercial entity that researches, lubricates, tests and builds mechanical systems that operate in either space or vacuum environments.

We also operate the complementary National Centre of Tribology (NCT) which offers a range of tribological and material based services to designers and operators of complex machinery which must perform efficiently and reliably in other demanding and hostile environments. NCT’s understanding of industrial realities enables it to understand the root cause to a problem and to propose viable solutions.

Today, ESR Technology offers the Aerospace sector:

  • Consultancy based on 50 years of accumulated knowledge
  • Research & Development using highly specialised test facilities
  • Solid and liquid lubrication of precision components
  • Testing to evaluate the performance and life of mechanical components and systems
  • Specially designed facilities housing a range of plant and equipment
  • A focus on technology transfer, particularly from space into vacuum and terrestrial activities
  • Design engineering, assembly, tests and integration of mechanical systems
  • Forensic engineering
  • Expert witness
  • Training

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