Vacuum Sector

Mechanical operation in vacuum or low-pressure is no simple task, with the environment often demanding specialist design considerations and expertise to avoid system failure. ESR Technology provides tribological and mechanical support to the vacuum sector, based on our unique understanding of the problems encountered by this harsh environment, with solutions on how to overcome them.

Primarily this support occurs through the European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL), the European Centre of Excellence for all aspects of friction, lubrication and wear of moving parts in the hostile environment of space. Through a combination of test, R&D, lubrication and consultancy, ESTL has provided over four and a half decades of support to the spacecraft mechanism community.

However, we are not limited to space. By bringing together the extensive experience and knowledge base of spacecraft applications from ESTL, combined with the technical and metallurgical expertise of our National Centre of Tribology (NCT), ESR Technology is uniquely positioned to offer testing and consultancy support to terrestrial vacuum applications. This blend of expertise enables ESR Technology to provide support to activities within the medical, semi-conductor, industrial, and nuclear sectors, where reliable operation in low-pressure or vacuum environments is essential.

ESR Technology offers the following services to the vacuum sector:

  • Tribometer-based friction and wear studies using leading technology and analysis techniques
  • Independent low-pressure and thermal vacuum testing (component and mechanism level)
  • Lubrication solutions for vacuum and harsh environments (both fluid and solid)
  • Design reviews of mechanical systems
  • Independent and impartial consultancy of mechanical and tribological operations in low pressure and vacuum environments
  • Specific and tailored training on vacuum tribology, including ball bearings and other tribo-components

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