Benefits for HOIS members

The total annual budged (raised through member subscription fees) for the HOIS JIP is now ~£800k.  The programme is entirely determined by the membership at three 2-day meetings per year, ensuring that HOIS projects remain aligned with industry priorities.

Membership of the leading forum on oil and gas in-service NDT allows:


    • Assessment of the capability of exisiting and developmental inspection technologies from independent, rigorously controlled blind trials.
    • Access to improved procedures and guidance documents on specific NDT applications
    • Better understanding and increased reliability of inspection
    • HSE active involvement allows an insight into HSE priorities
    • Networking at three main meetings a year (one hosted by a member)

      There are additional specific benefits for category 1 members (operators):

      • Operators can propose and support prokects which address their own inspection challenges, thereby aligning the HOIS programme with the operator's own priorities
      • Operators can observie the engagement of their inspection service providers to see how they are adopting and applying good practice to their operations
      • Networking with other HOIS members of both categories makes the operator a more informed buyer of services
      • Active participation within HOIS is an example of working towards the development of standards which Duty Holders must demonstrate to comply with SCR 2015 Regulation 32 - Offshore Installations (Offshore Safety Directive) Regulations 2015. 

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