Fire and Gas Detector Mapping

In the oil and gas industry, fast and reliable detection of gas releases and/or fire is a crucial aspect of ensuring plant safety. ESR Technology’s Major Hazards Safety and Risk team have developed a leading software tool, DELOS, that enables the efficient and effective development of fire and gas detection systems.

Detector Types DELOS Fire and Gas MappingDELOS (Detector Location Optimisation Software) is a 3D Fire and Gas mapping tool that optimises the number and location of fire and gas detectors and provides detailed coverage statistics. It supports analysis of the following detector types:

  • Field of View (FOV) detectors
  • Open Path (Line of Sight) detectors
  • Point detectors
  • Fusible Plugs

To find out more about the features of DELOS or to enquire about licensing, please visit our DELOS page. Alternatively, our team of F&G mapping experts can perform F&G mapping studies for you. Our team has experience of F&G mapping studies for a wide range of facilities from single modules and well head towers up to massive multi-jacket installations and onshore process plants.

3D Slice FOV DELOS Fire and Gas MappingOur team, using DELOS , can quickly and efficiently determine the most effective detector layouts for a facility. Our analysis often shows that the planned or existing detection coverage can be increased dramatically, simply by re-orienting the same or fewer detectors. This provides an opportunity to make significant cost savings while maintaining high safety standards.

To find out more about our fire and gas detector mapping services please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling +44 (0)1925 843400

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