Tribological systems for demanding environments

The application of good tribology is central to ESR Technology’s design and development activities and we specialise in designing for reliability in the harshest environments.

Our design and development work is focussed on industries where the highest quality levels are required to survive demanding environments and operational extremes. In environments that are better understood we can focus on maximising reliability and optimisation for cost. Our work has supported organisations keep their hardware Some of our first mechanism hardware delivered to the European Space Agency was successfully flown on the ESA Rosetta mission.

Risk mitigation and validation testing are central to our approach when performing such activities and we pride ourselves on working within multidisciplinary teams on complex system developments. We can take a project from concept to hardware delivery with rigorous testing representing a key part of our work.

Precision opto-mechanical hardware

We have particular experience in the design of mechanisms within opto-mechanical hardware. Designing to demanding specifications often places additional constraints on the design, build or operation of our hardware. This makes reliable operation within extreme environments, such as vacuum, all the more challenging.

Examples of flight mechanisms delivered for optical systems include:

• EarthCARE Broadband Radiometer Mechanism Assembly
• Solar Orbiter SPICE Scan & Focus Mechanism
• Laser Communications Terminal Active Bearing Preload Systems for Alphasat and Sentinel2A


Specialist Mechanical Hardware

ESR Technology’s engineers are experienced in taking customer’s ideas or specifications and designing novel machinery and/or bearing concepts from these. Our robust design processes have been developed over many projects developing specialist hardware for challenging applications. The client is very much part of this process, ensuring that the end product meets functional requirements as well as cost, integration and operational efficiency. We support clients across a range of industries including nuclear, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and terrestrial vacuum industries.

Examples include:

• Friction welding rig for sub-sea pipelines
• Nuclear waste transportation wagons
• Swing bridge bearings
• Bearings for specialist marine applications
• Pipeline internal bore ultrasonic scanning system
• A resettable motorised umbilical separation device for space remote handling applications

We also support our team of consultants in providing design solutions to specific problems encountered by our varied clients.


Test Facilities

We have a particular specialism in developing bespoke mechanical test rigs in support of customer test programmes. Such rigs are carefully developed to address specific loading or environmental conditions encountered in service such that the mechanical interactions or failure mode can be understood. Such testing is critical in understanding complex tribological failures or in validating analytical models. Our team of multi-skilled engineers can develop the complete mechanical hardware and data acquisition and control systems required to simulate complex.


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