Torch 3D

TORCH 3D is ESR Technology’s impacted and shielded jet fire consequence model. The software allows users to model the effects of a jet fire within a 3D geometry without the long runtimes of full CFD calculations. The flame shape is adjusted for large obstructions such as firewalls and plated decks and thermal radiation calculations automatically take account of the shielding effects of the imported geometry. TORCH 3D is designed to be easy to use with intuitive results available in a matter of minutes.


Capabilities include:

  • See the effect of input changes on flame shape and orientation in real time
  • 3D view of flame shape and thermal flux levels
  • Quickly compare shielded and unshielded thermal flux results
  • Get results for points, transects, 2D Slices or in full 3D
  • Export images and tabular results easily into your reports
  • Import your existing 3D geometry files

To find out more about our jet fire model, TORCH 3D, please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling +44 (0)1925 843400.


Key Benefits

Real time representation of flame shape helps identify where flame impingement can occur


TORCH 3D Flame Shape Representation
TORCH 3D Thermal Radiation Levels

Calculate thermal radiation levels on escape routes and at muster points whilst accounting for shielding by walls, decks and other large obstacles in a single calculation

Import a range of common 3D geometry file types including DGN (V7), OBJ and STL

TORCH 3D Smoothed Thermal Radiation
FOV Obstructed DELOS Fire and Gas Mapping

Compare the effects of shielding to better understand hazards in both 3D and 2D


TORCH 3D is capable of generating intuitive 3D representations of jet fire hazards. See below for an interactive example of one of these 3D results generated by TORCH 3D.


System Requirements


  • Windows 10 x64 operating system
  • 3GHz or higher dual core CPU
  • 5GB of hard disk space available
  • 8GB of physical memory (RAM)
  • Integrated graphics with 1GB VRAM supporting OpenGL 3.3
  • 1280x768 display
  • Three button mouse


  • Windows 10 x64 operating system
  • 3GHz or higher quad core CPU
  • 10GB of hard disk space available
  • 16GB or more physical memory (RAM)
  • Dedicated graphics with 4GB of VRAM supporting OpenGL 3.3
  • 1920x1080 display
  • Three button mouse



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